Carol Vinson PhD

Depression, anxiety, and related mood disorders can take a toll on your relationships with those closest to you and may undermine your work performance. Dr. Carol Vinson is a licensed psychologist based in Brooklyn, New York, who has more than 30 years of experience helping clients find more effective ways to manage unsettling feelings and other psychological issues. Whether you decide to approach treatment as a long-term or short-term process, Dr. Vinson will develop an intervention plan that's based on your specific needs.
Couple Having A Therapy Session — Psychotherapy and Counseling in Brooklyn, NY
Dr. Carol Vinson provides counseling services and psychotherapy to adults. She concentrates on helping clients find practical solutions to issues that may be able to have an immediate positive effect on clients' coping abilities. She accepts many of the healthcare plans available throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, and other parts of the metropolitan New York area, and her business hours are designed to accommodate clients with busy schedules. Contact Dr. Vinson today to learn more about the ways she may be able to help you.